Winter Park, Florida
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After I placed an order with Xpress Redi Set GO for their TV add about what seemed to be a very good product, with my credit card, they added charges I didn't ask for after receiving the cooker and the only receipt from a company called "GAIAM". I called and thought it was straightened out, and then they kept on billing to my credit card unauthorised as if I never called. Not only that, the product is junk, the timer *** melted, the paint has blistered and the cooking times are way under estimated or correct as too their stated cooking times they say on TV or in the small receipe booklet.

Sincerely, W.V.

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Becky B

I also ordered this and got ripped off on charges!! The cooking pans are sprayed with very cheap teflon coating and is starting to come off after about three uses.

The cooking time is not accurate at all for the times they give you!! Wont be buying anything off the tv for a long while!!


My father ordered a Redi-Set-Go off the infomercial. Buy one get one free for 2 payments of $19.95. They didn't tell him his total costs nor did they inform him about the OUTRAGEOUS shipping charges. Turns out that they shipped him TWO SETS for a total cost of $139.60!

$79.80 for two sets (which he didn't order 2 SETS)

$29.90 S&H/SET = $59.80 for both SETS which were shipped in one box that UPS quotes at $18

AND the "FREE" unit doesn't come with anything that the first one comes in.

Don't be fooled. These things are tiny as *** Useless cookers for anyone other than a single person or a couple kids. Which is why they probably ship them in sets.. cause they know that the first one isn't big enough to feed anyone. I wish my father had consulted me prior to ordering this piece of cr@p. Thats old people for you. The company never sent us a receipt nor did they include a packing slip. Obviously intentionally. I emailed them and requested a receipt since they never included a packing slip and they replied with tracking information. So I replied again and told them that I wanted a RECEIPT and I never asked for tracking info since obviously as I said, the package had already arrived without the receipt. I then followed my reply with a clear demand for a RECEIPT just to make it clear. Now, today I received another reply by completely someone else stating, "As per your request, we are sending you the breakdown of your order for your reference". This is clearly not a receipt though, and I don't remember asking for a breakdown of my order. WTF is wrong with this company?!

We'll be calling the credit card company and reporting this, since this is not what we ordered. It's a shame that my father is probably going to lose on the $30 shipping for the one he did order though and also the return shipping. The GT Express / Redi-Set-Go company is a SCAM. BEWARE! There are tons of other online complaints about outrageous S&H, a "defective" forceful automated ordering system and other BS orders.

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