A complete SCAM. Does not work.

The seen on TV brand must have been manufactured differently, than the ones sold.

Do not waste your money. You will lose out on shipping and return shipping. Make a dispute with your credit card company for these scammers. Do not buy.

Save your money. It won't work. https://www.buywraptastic.com/default.aspx

No return label. No address to mail back to.

They do this purposely to make it hard for you to return. You'll have to call them to get an address.

You should return to send when receive. This make a case with your credit card company

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Either my item is manufactured incorrectly or I'm dense. On the upper lid to the side in front of blade there are two spike like spokes.

Seems they are to fit into the wider spokes in front of the paper, foil or whatever to tear (seems to me these ought to have an opening for the top spiked things to slide down into).

They are closed up and I cannot connect them and there seems to be no other way to connect the top to the bottom. If I thought it would work I would try to poke a hole into those two on each side of the dispenser....then I believe it would work.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #613869

People should know better than to buy the stuff they see advertised on TV.

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