I have had this product from *** for 3 and a half weeks and just today the numbers doubled making it hard for me and my children to sleep.Everything is a recording that should have sent a red flag.

Customer Service is open to somebodies work schedule so you either have to call during your work hours or miss them.

They are not open on weekends when people are home and can really complain about the product and situation.I think this is one of the biggest mistakes I have made because I spent my last just to have a peace of mind and now Im loosing it.

Monetary Loss: $60.


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thanks for the comment.I will return the one i just purchased.

i can tell you that ammonia spray directly on spiders will kill them. just make sure the kids can't get to the spray bottle.

i hope you can find safe & natural pest repelling solutions for your particular problem onthe web.good luck, take a deep breath and visualize success - it'll keep you sane - it's worked for me.


Anyone see any negative effects on pet birds?

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