New Castle, Pennsylvania

I purchased the Wraptastic from their website. I paid $10.95 plus $14.95 in shipping.

Within 1day I received a call from a man who wanted to confirm my sale. He offered me two different gift cards. One for $60 and one for $ 25. All I had to do was agree to try Identity Defense for one month for $1.

If I cancelled within 30 days I would not be enrolled for $29.95 for a membership. I cancelled in 5 days from the time I received the phone call. The subscription price of $29.95 appeared on my credit card statement along with other suspicious charges. Now I have had to report the fraud to my bank.

This a total scam and the real sting is that the Wraptastic is a piece of junk. I returned it and I had to pay for the return shipping. My $ 10.95 has not been refunded and now I have to spend time chasing them for a refund.

Do not buy this product. You will be sorry!

Monetary Loss: $66.

  • Deception
  • Confidence trick
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i ordered lipozene through as seen on tv over a month ago and I never got my money back loosing $49.99. I feel like i got beat and I want my money back or I will report them to bbb... :( :( :(


I never shop from "As Seen on TV". The shipping and handling is always more than the item.

Many "As Seen on TV" are available at local stores and have no hidden cost. As for the identity defense, I never ever fall for those "so called" deals.

At least you used your credit card which will help in getting the unauthorized charges removed. Let us know if this issue is resolved.


Thanks for sharing this.It will spread awareness to be aware while shopping online.

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