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Riddex has a good idea.But the pulsing device to rid your house of insects and mice affects people who have had brain surgery and wires used to hold bone together.

The pulsing is going into my head/wires/brain. I see green pulses in my left eye. I called and returned the items. They do not have a technical number to call.

They need to know. I tried to get hold of them. The Custmer Service at 866-214-5141 will not put me thru.

This is a serious matter. I unplugged the devices.

A week later I am still picking up the pulse.My son is an Electrical Engineer and says I need to shut off power to house for a few minutes to get the pulse out of other motors and applicances.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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I'm having nervous problems and twitching in the face, and just unplugged that RIDDEX box. Monitoring my condition for now.

Will keep the box and receipt, just in case Doctor's want to correlate,this product with any nerve damage. I see that anything that can hurt an animal can hurt humans, even in low doses over a period of time.


I tried one of these items. within 30 days i was ready to admit myself to a mental institution. i would sit outside and cry because i didnt want to go in my house. I thought it was because of the 8 inch scorpion i found in my bathroom and was badly unnerved by this. which is very unusual for me because i catch scorpions, poisioness spiders, tarantulas, sidewinder rattlesnakes all the time.

I called doctors, institutions and everyone i could think of. I already have mental illness, and i have been shocked with electricity very badly, i was scared for my mind.

My mom prayed for me, and then i just knew it was that riddex box. I unplugged it and within 24 hours i was back to normal, for me at least. i have been trying ever since to get ahold of the company with no luck.

If only i had checked the internet first.

there are many places that say it doesnt seem to work on anything but ants.

but i have only seen one post about it bothering a person. i am still trying to find out more, be careful of all those products that have no customer support.

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