Hyannis, Massachusetts
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I bought this and followed the usage directions to a T. It did not work, it was a total waste of my money, do not waste yours.

I am very disappointed in this product,especially after hearing how well it works. They are ALL LIES, it does not work at all. It did nothing my tags are still there. Again, DO NOT waste your money.

They say there is a 30 day money back guarentee, but the *** stufftakes 3 to 8 weeks to work, or so they say, but it does not work at all.


Monetary Loss: $89.

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Six weeks (42 days),three applications per day is 126 applications of Tag Away and guess what? The skin tags on my neck are there.

They thrive.

I didn't mind the smell - it is not awful. I just mind that it does not work.


First off, if you order anything off TV and expect it to work miracles, you're a ***.

Second, if you order anything with a "homeopathic seal of approval on it", you're a ***.

Remember that any product that is considered "cosmetic" doesn't have to be proven to work, or be safe as deemed by the FDA. Unfortunately, removing skin tags is often considered to be "cosmetic" under your health insurance guidelines, so your health insurance may not cover it.

Go to a dermatologist. There's no magical snake oil for this.

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