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We ordered a single Wraptastic at the advertized price of $10.99 off of the TV ad.. They shipped two sets of the Wraptastic and charged $10.99 plus $13.98 each for shipping and handling.Total- $ 49.94.

Plus- they charged $7.00 plus $6.99 shipping for something called "WT Single Offer" which we never received. Total charged against our card= 69.04.

We called them to complain and they refused to let us talk to a supervisor and hung up on us.

We are going to complain to the Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov and suggest that everyone does.

Monetary Loss: $53.

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I wish I had read these reviews before I wandered into the quagmire of ordering from this crooked company. By the time you get through the order form to see how much they will charge you, they've already placed the order and charged you.

No option to see the whopping huge shipping and handling charge before it's a done deal.

There is also NO phone number or address on their webpage and by the time I found a phone number for customer service on Monday morning, the order had already shipped and I am now stuck with having to refuse the order at the post office. I will NEVER order anything from All Star Marketing again!


I experienced a similar situation with my SideSocket order. I ordered "Buy 1 and Get 1 Free" I was disgusted that the order site never gave me an invoice before requiring the final "Click to Order" button. The order should have been $10.00 + 2x $8.95 s&h + $075 Calif. tax for a total of $28.65. Imagine my surprise when their email "Order Confirmation" showed the following:

"Product Product Option Price Quantity Total

Side Socket $10.00 1 $10.00

Side Socket Additional $7.00 1 $7.00

Subtotal: $17.00

Processing & Handling: $31.80

Tax: $4.39

TOTAL: $53.19"

When I contacted Customer Service, she originally said I had ordered Four units. I said "No, just one with one free one". OK, so she adjusted the order and read it back. The "processing" was still too much, so I said "No, Processing and Handling should only be $16.90 for the 2 units". So she adjusted that. But she was still showing a sales tax of $1.47. I said, "The Calif. sales tax should only be $0.75, that is 7.5% times the $10.00 cost". She said she could do nothing about that because it was "automatic" (I suppose built into the order program.) When I continued to argue the point, she just said "Have a nice day" and hung up!

I have little doubt that all these "errors" are built into their mode of doing business and buyers should always check the Order Confirmation to verify it represents what you actually signed up for.

In the meantime, the Sidesockets have arrived and appear to be as represented.

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