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Last year I purchased the Riddex plus pest control. I watched the commericals and thought it might be something to help me control roaches without compromising my breathing problem.

Here in Florida we can even buy them at the local CVS Drugstore. Well, I plugged it in and waited for a month for it to take care of the problem. No such luck. The bugs would crawl all over the unit.

I contacted the company, and spoke to "Autumn", who assured me that Corporate would contact me in the next few days. I am still waiting for that call after several months. I wrote to them demanding a contact call and was ignored. I wrote another with the promise of contacting the Better Business Bureau, AND contact our local tv stations Consumer Alerts department.

Still nothing from the Riddex company. I suggest that everyone contact the BBB and report this companies abuse of customers and their piece of *** product.

They have the attitude of "We got your money, now go away".

Thank you for this forum.

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Pest Control.

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Well BR, if I had not allowed renters to live in the place I would not have bugs. Make sure you know what the heck you are talking about BEFORE you speak critically.

Apparently you know a lot about a dirty house. I had to clean this up, and tried not to use chemicals so I could re rent. I know all about cleaning supplies and trash bags but thanks for your ignorance.

I did call an exterminator and we remedies the problem before I made the complaint. You must be a lonely person to spend time making *** comments totally irrelavant to the true subject matter.


Maybe your breathing problem would go away if you didn't live in roach infested house. Next time spend your money on some trash bags, cleaning supplies and a good exterminator. I'm sure the product doesn't work but I would be willing to bet you don't work on fixing the problem the right way.

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