moving to fla I found it is covered in bugs.so I bought a "repeller" hopefully to not endure the little critters.

the above product also was suppossed to keep rats away.since i have installed it we have had to have the house professionally visited. it called in some of the biggest RATS i have ever seen.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY BUYING THIS PIECE OF ***.PUT THE $15.00 TO A PRO AND GET IT DONE RIGHT.Professional pest exterminators may cost more in the long run, but you know you have spent your money well.buying this is like burning money


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Riddex plus, the item priced at 15 only keeps some bugs away there is another product that keeps mice away called riddex pulse....Ive heard mixed reviews but some say the problem when talking about bugs gets worse at first but then gets better but it takes a week or two for any progress to present itself....I dont know I was about to buy one but there are so many complaints Im not sure, I dont want to think Ive got the answer and then be disappointed..


Florida being such a humid state has a lot of critters, I have been a devoted client of Riddex plus forr many years.Would usue it around the pool area to keep the possums away.

Now living in a studio I figured it would be even more powerful.

But I have a family of mice living in my apt and obviously the Riddex does not do all it's hyped up to be.Talk about a waste of money.

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