Darien, Connecticut

I brought the Riddex Plus product over 3 months ago and the thing is a piece of ***. The bugs loves my Riddex, they have set-up home around the product.

Not only does it not do what it says it was suppose to do, it actually brings more bugs to the Riddex Plus product. When I tried to get a refund, the cost to return it was more than the product. Who can I contact to get this crooked company out of business. I am looking to have these crooks placed in jail.

Please Help Me Out. PLEASE PLEASE

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Question, Does anyone know if this product works if somebody lives outside IN THE OPEN?!


I don't think that ridexx will work for people in large homes or apartment buildings. I read somewhere that it only covers a certain sq.

footage. The signal goes through the wiring of your home.

If you are in an apartment building it seems likely the building is wired for all apartments. I haven't tried it yet but we like in a trailer for now so i will keep you posted.


Riddex works well for me (when used in conjunction with anti-freeze). I have no more mice or new droppings...

and they aren't consuming anymore anti-freeze...

but I still have four samples out for them. I don't want to be a bad host.


i just purchased this product a week ago because my husband & i tired killing roaches & mice at our apartment. I thought riddex save me from chemical products since we have kids at home.

when i plugged it in few days ago i even get more mice coming to our apartment.



Works for me. I've had possoms in the attic, trails of termites, dangling spiders and the occasional roach around this house my mom and I moved into a year ago.

It's pretty old and we've patched it up mostly, but the Riddex chased all the pests away. :)


Bought the device about a month ago, mouse is still in the house, hubby is spraying for ants, and as you said the roaches love the heat of the device.. They are still visible but appear to have decreased some...

But no super great progress as yet :cry :? :sigh


I bought Riddex to help with my mouse problem. It helped alot because I now have lots of mice.


i think this thing works only for some type of bugs not all like they say what every one needs to do is say what type of ants they have and so on you get the picture .i do think it over price but i cant bich it work for my ants they were large house ants that the type it work for me .every one should make a yes and no list of the bugs it did work or did not.just a idea.the only real reson i think it works is i did not clean my apt yet and all of the ants are gone not one so you tell me what you think i dont get it eather .


i bote two ridx plus i did have alot of ants i meen i have a good mess in my apt so i would know if it did or did not work anyway long story short all my ants are gone i still cant bleave that this thing works bbut two days after i plug it in they were gone.im thinking this thing was a scam when i look online .it could mybe only work for some tpye of ants not copter ants and so on has any one have theres work .i just find it hard tobeleave i even open my ridx to see how it was made what some one should do is look into how it was made .anyway i know for sure it works i even put out serup and othere things to see if i could get some ants like i had


A little over a year ago, my husband and it invited some family to stay for a week. They brought their own alarm clock, and little bugs along with it.

So about 8 months ago i purchased the Riddex Plus, which was *** to purchase anyways with the questions and other *** that doesn't work along with it. The bugs actually increased since pluging it in. This product is a JOKE! Do not purchases this product!

DOES NOT WORK! I am with the lady who spoke about getting my money back.

I wish there was a way to sue these idot's, and make them pay for a professional to spray my house. DO NOT BELIVE EVERYTHING U SEE ON T.V.!


we used to have many ants at our shorehouse, they have been gone for about 10 years now. thats when we got the ridex.

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