Eureka, California
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I purchased a reddex plus to get rid of a mice that have stayed at the house for over a year. I don't want to kill it; i just want it to find a new home.

Purchased though amazon on june 5. And i have used it for 2 months and the mice dropping is still there. Just felt deceived and unhappy with the purchase. Wish I had gotten a better product.

It said that one of these will cover a small house.

We use it on the manufactured home (1400 sq feet) Put it right by the kitchen and the mice droppings is literally 3 feet below the reddex plus. CRAZY but it's true.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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It doesn't work!! Believe me!

I know I tried it and its a rip off! Don't waste your time or money!!!


Riddex plus only claims to stop roaches spiders and ants, the riddex pulse extends their claim to mice, ...I think. One is priced at $14-$15 the other is priced at approx $30 ... Im trying to decide if I should spend the extra $15 and get the Pulse...After reading all these complaints, I dont know...but I think you got the "plus" which is only for bugs and not the "pulse" ...Its a little ridiculous that the manufacturers of the product didnt make the clear distinction when they named it, probably a marketing tactic to sell "twice"


Me too!i bought 3 devices for my apartment over a month ago. Mice still here and active I can hear them in the same room as the riddex and roaches crawling literally inches away from it! What a waste of money and time...


Do you have a clean apt. No food lying around.

Is red light blinking? Will not work in a cluttered up room.

Does that help? Must say Riddex on product too.

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