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I'm glad I found this site to add my input regarding Riddex. I believe Riddex is a scam product. As a consumer advocate, I've tested their online ordering practices several times and both times they have failed.

The first order was placed with standard delivery chosen. At no time BEFORE you hit the 'complete' button do you "allow 4-6" weeks delivery". THAT appears on their 'confirmation' after order placement. Also, at no time do you see a product waitlist or backorder notation BEFORE you finalize the order.

So when I saw the 4-6 week note on their online confirmation I phoned, only to be told it would take about 8 weeks at that point! They didn't have the product in stock. I've since found out that the product never seems to be in stock for prompt delivery. There's always an excuse, whether you pay for RUSH DELIVERY or not (about $7.95 extra). I cancelled order #1.

I waited a month and then placed it online again.

That was 8/15/08. This time I added the RUSH PROCESSING to shorten the receipt time from the 4-6 wks; however, it did not state what your extra postage money WOULD shorten it to.

So after their confirmation was printed out with the total $55.80 and the words: PRIORITY PROCESSING INCLUDED IN SHIPPING TOTAL BELOW-RUSH, I phoned Riddex at the only #800 that seems to be in existence. I verified that the order had gone through, at the amount stated, and I would "receive the product in 7-10 days". That time went by.

I phoned today 8/27 and went as far as a "supervisor" (big joke here), only to be told that THEIR order showed the regular delivery option being chosen of 4-6 weeks, that the product was in backorder (so you couldn't get a RUSH on this even if you wanted to, but they would gladly pocket the additional cash, I'm sure).

I kept saying I had a printed confirmation from THEIR site with the correct information and the RUSH PRIORITY mailing notated and was finally told some story about "a glitch that happened on the other side".

In other words, I placed the order. I printed out THEIR confirmation with THEIR confirmation number. Supposedly the "other end" (phantom programmer?) entered the order incorrectly, wiped out the RUSH notation (new total same as order #1, about $40+), added a DIFFERENT order number and voila, the almost two weeks I'd already waited was a thing of the past.

I was told no record showed of any follow-up phone call by me (big surprise) checking up on what RUSH actually meant.

Riddex then OFFERED to "add" the RUSH charge back in. I said since I'd lost almost 2 wks would I now receive the product right away. They said, "7-10 days from when the RUSH is put on". In their opinion this was TODAY. On a product they'd just admitted they didn't even have in stock!!

I asked what guarantee I had that they wouldn't charge me twice for this RUSH charge when all was said and done and they said I hadn't been charged anything yet.

No matter how I phrased it the stubbornly refused to countenance that this order had now entered a NO-RUSH delivery since almost 2 weeks had passed already, and they were claiming another '7-10 days from the time they HAD the product in stock' (couldn't even say when that would be, but again, they'd take your "RUSH" fee).

They said they had no guarantee what day/date I would receive the elusive product but oh, a RUSH would be put on.

I told them since they admitted (several times before the phone call ended) Riddex had made the mistakes and caused me undue delay, that any good company in THIS country would offer to send the product Priority at their own expense (paying that $7.95 difference) for my time lost -- and just charge me for the product + standard shipping.

They refused several times and kept repeating the same thing over and over like they were programmed robots.

They just didn't GET IT that the RUSH SHIPMENT was needed starting 2 weeks ago when I ordered Riddex. By adding another "7-10 days" and factoring in their standard delay time in actually producing the physical product, well you pretty much came up to the 4 weeks wait that a regular customer paying standard shipping would receive! I cancelled order #2 and hung up.

BTW, the same thing happened to a friend of mine and she cancelled HER order too.

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Read what these reviews say. Pay heed to Riddex's bad business practices, fumbling attempts to explain away their bad mistakes, and their terrible customer service.

Riddex keeps taking online orders and phone-in orders from TV Infomercials for something they never seem to have a supply of. They're taking in "RUSH PRIORITY" additional charges, in addition to their already expensive S&H fees, but cannot seem to produce the product at the time they promise. And what's most telling is they WON'T venture even an educated "guess" as to when you WILL receive it.

I'd say beware of this type of business practice, if "business" is what you'd call them.

I believe from testing their waters and dealing with them, and after reading all these reviews, that I dodged a scam bullet and am sorry others got caught in their net.

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I saw there ad on TV decided that I might try it, so I went online to order. I put in my info including my Credit card # (big mistake), and when it came to the warranty choices, I could not decide, so I just closed out the site and figured that since I didn't confirm the order that it would be cancelled.

Well, it wasn't. They shipped the order with no receipt, packing order, or e-mail confirmation of the order. I wasn't very happy but decided to try them anyway. They didn't work, and since they didn't send any paper work with the order, I pieced back the return address label and shipped them back with a note.

I figured it's a done deal. Then months later I got a notice from the post office about a package that needed to be picked up, and there was the box with return to sender written on it. Since then I have been trying to track down the company that I ordered it from. Apparently, Riddex has been bought many times over by different companies and no one has a record of my order.

I finally found my bank statement hoping there would be some info for them next to the amount they charged me, but there wasn't. All I know is that they were in Miramar, FL. I don't want these things, and I want my money back but I don't know how to do it. It's been a year now!!

My next step is to contact the BBB in FL to see if they can help me. Wish me luck, and don't waste your time or money on these things, they don't work!!


I ordered this product and was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks , I chose the regular mailing and I was amazed that it showed up a week later. I had gotten for my mom , who some how gotten roaches and nothing was working to get rid of these pest.

It has been a week and a half now and the roaches are still there. I want my money back


The people who bought this should write to the attorney generals office and contact the bbb.


I wish I had read these comments before. I too ordered this product (x2) and it still hasn't arrived. I am concerned that it never will and that they just pocketed my money!


I wish I had read these comments before. I too ordered this product (x2) and it still hasn't arrived. I am concerned that it never will and that they just pocketed my monwy!

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