Kennewick, Washington

I've been using this thing for a while now, and it occurred to me; "Generates an electro-magnetic field" .. 'hmm', i said.. 'surely, such a field could be measured'.

Nothing. No field was generated by the Riddex Plus. 'Well now, this is interesting, maybe something is wrong internally.'

So i gutted the thing apart and Lo-and-behold.. The primary wire on the Copper-coil-to-transistor circuit hadn't even been attached. Further investigation, solder joints were crossing circuits. The thing was literally an electronic bomb that hadn't been wired up!

But i'm a skeptical man.. I wired it up, completed the circuits just as if it had been fully assembled. Checked the work.

At this point seeing the whole thing actually wired up completely, i knew what would happen. The primary circuit would complete and the transistor would see unregulated voltage. The resistors on the board were merely there so the LED's didn't burn out from 125V AC Current. There was literally NOTHING to protect this thing from itself were it to be wired the way they had intended.

I plugged it in, and faster than you could blink.. BOOM.

The force of the transistor and the Primary circuit popping literally sent the Riddex Plus flying from the wall socket!

Final Verdict:

Someone halfway through production realized that this thing was a ticking time-bomb with no purpose other than to cause fires and told the line to separate the primary circuit so that only the lights worked. This thing is nothing more than an expensive night-light. DO NOT PURCHASE.

  • fire hazard
  • Explosive
  • faulty design
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I concur with your assessment that what you analysed was nothing more than an expensive night light. I likewise did something similar and arrived at that same conclusion.

However, upon further research I discovered that there are a number of Chinese knock offs that are using the name illegally and that's what I had bought.

The actual genuine Riddex brand does have a circuit card that is functional and safely emits the pulse technology but it took going through several imitators before I found the legitimate brand. Check Walmart


This is the exact same experience I had. I bought four from AliExpress.

They have the Riddex name and well packaged in plastic with all the marketing info plus "As Seen On TV". But they are a fake knockoff with ONLY a light circuit in the housing.


Worked for me for cockroaches .. But had 3 plugged in ..

I was a nervous wreck (wondered if it was doing something to my nervous system!!) Then when power went out for many days & neighbor debugged their mobile home - bam they were back in full force like an army ... Those Riddex are still plugged in & blinking .. But years old now .. Back to combats again ..

Heard roaches will outlive nuclear war!! :(


Can anyone technically good on electro magnetic field explain to me what would the effect of such fields on children and inmates of the house that uses Riddexplus.

I mean, over prolonged usage of say 5 years or 10 years


I wondered the same .. As I got very nervous -they worked but I was a mess (now they don't work & I feel better) roaches are happy though .. Heard Riddex give out after awhile - debating on trying them again


I've lived in Florida and now live in Cali , and Had ant problemsin both place til I bought the Riddex while living in Florida. It took care of my horrible ant problem there so when I moved to Cali I took it with me.

Well, Yorba Linda is one big ant hill ! SOO, Riddex to my rescue!

It works for me! and now my neighbor is buying for her home too!


Or someone on the assembly line screwed up and forgot to do their job. Because I plugged mine in and I didn't play with the inside and I haven't seen a roach in 2 weeks so far.

And I took all of the roach capture boxes away and dumped them and even left food out to attract insects and so far not one has returned. Also the box has not gotten hot and has not blown out or up, no BOOM so far thank God. If it does I will let you know I would have tried another one if I were you before posting that as if all of them are wired the same. Because I believe the thing works.

Also everyone's electric circuits in their home are wired differently. If you have a newer home you may be fine but an older phone without upgrade wires can short things, wires can get hot and electrical wires can have an adverse affect on this gadget. So I would do more homework first. I would open another one to make sure then post a review like that.

This thing is obviously helping a lot of people..

Sorry yours didn't work I'm just a regular consumer that it works for.......Chow for now.

@Jerry Eaglefeather

Jerry, the Guy has only reported what he has experienced and advised accordingly. Nothing wrong with it, he is not a Consumer Protection Agency.

Please keep your critic to yourself. It is the number of reports which show if it works or not.

You need to test your device on actual (live) cockroaches otherwise you just spread assumptions.... get it ?



This was a fantastic well educated review. Thank you so much for the information.

In today's day and age, you really have to do research before purchasing anything! This was very helpful, thank you.


Great review. Perfect approach. Thanks for sharing.

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