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A few months ago, my mom bought a Rapid Mac from As Seen On TV and the first time we used it, it worked great. I put in a regular box of Macaroni & Cheese, filled it up with water to the water line, placed in the microwave and cooked it like the instructions said.

When I took the Rapid Mac out of the microwave, I was surprised that all of the water evaporated so I wouldn't need to use a sieve. Too top it off, my Macaroni tasted great. Today, however, my mom bought a box of Star Wars shaped Macaroni & Cheese and that's when the problem started. I followed the instructions to the letter.

Pasta in, water to fill line, place in micro wave and cook. But, when I took the Rapid Mac out of the microwave, it still was filled with water. I cooked it a bit longer in the microwave and when I pulled it out again, some water was still left inside.

I had to drain the excess water with a sieve and when I followed the instructions on the box for finishing my Star Wars Macaroni, it tasted awful. If As Seen On TV is going to sell cooking products such as a Rapid Mac, then instructions should come with it so people would know how long to cook different types of pasta so that they can enjoy what they cook.

Reason of review: Has no instruction book to tell people how long to cook different types of pasta..

Preferred solution: Include an instruction book telling consumers how long to cook different pastas and other things that it can cook..

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