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Top and bottom veneers

Been waiting 2 weeks, where is my order?



Were is my package?


who is the ceo of the company who makes this?

who is the ceo of this company?


Lost cookbook

Just got the cooker for xmas and lost the power cooking cookbook at the grocery store. I really need to get another one. Any way to do this


Cooker insert pans

I want to buy just the pan inserts. How do I do this? I have two cookers


My new riddex plus does not fit my outlets

Why is it bigger than the standard outlets


my new riddex plus is plugged in but does not light up

how do I get a replacement. I have tried pushing the button.

nothing happens. cy caine 7114 Venetian way WPB, fl 33406 phone 561-582-5916


one more comment from'the unit is plugged into a hot outlet and the green white and red lights are all off even if i toggle the push switch.

let me know if I should send you a photo, hopefully you will replace it.


Is it possible for me to get operating instructions manual & cooking ideas?

I bought the Express Redi Set Go Cooker at a sale and it did not have any operating instructions with it, or what can be cooked in it. If it possible to get a manual with operating instructions, and cooking ideas let me know and I will give you my mailing address. Thanks in advance.


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