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Went to Wraptastic website to order one of their products, a Wraptastic, for $10.99. I entered what I wanted(1 unit).

I entered my cc# and expected to get to an order summery page with the option to continue with the order or not. To my surprise I bypassed all review order pages and went straight to "your order is being processed"! Wow imagine my surprise when I finally was sent an order acknowledged with a total of $41.43!

A 10$ item with 13.98 shipping along with tacked on to my order was a second Wraptastic unit for $7.00 with $6.99 shipping. I understand the $2.47 in tax but I feel like I was taken advantage of with their practice of secrecy with the added extras and the inability to review, change or cancel an order.

Monetary Loss: $41.

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Cut myself twice. The serrated blade is sharp as hell...threw them in the trash. Should be a lawsuit


To: countryliving Norwood New Jersey

Complaint: Jan. 01 2013

I ordered from Canada and was ripped off in 2015.

Although your problem cropped up in 2013, complain again but this time to the right people. Brian Allen is the ripoff artist who runs As Seen On TV out of Raleigh North Carolina.

Here are some places your complaint might have more effect. BBB of Eastern North Carolina Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce ABC 11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson Attorney General Roy Cooper North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Attorney General's Office Mail Service Center 9001 Raleigh, NC 27699-9001 Fax: (919) 716-6750 No good complaining to a website that no one reads.

Lets put this guy out of business.


The wraptastic didn't last one roll of plastic wrap. The flimsy bar broke within weeks of purchase and the feet keep falling off.

This thing is more frustrating than using a regular box of wrap. Save your money!


I was unfortunate enough to order the wraptastic also and I ordered 4 of them. they were all shipped in the same box but I was charged 13.98 for each of the four. I find this a little excessive and will never order from them again.


Isn't it amazing how people (or should it be idiots?) continue to pass out their credit card and bank account numbers to these thieves?

You should know when they show the shill with the tangled plastic wrap mess on tv. Who, on their worst day, would tangle up plastic wrap like that?

Fortunately, for these *** thieves, the gullible dopes in this country think that without this piece of junk gadget they can't wrap anything. What's worse is that the plastic wrap, which you eventually have to buy from them, costs more than whatever it is you're wrapping. As long as people are *** and don't group together to stop these tv scams, these slimy thieves will continue to rob them. We shound start with shutting off the tv cable companies who broadcast the stations that broadcast these thieving commercials.

Everyone involved in bringing these scams to the helpless lamebrains falling for this *** should be put in prison and then executed. It's time to bring a halt to this ***.

Till then, I continue to laugh my *** off at these idiots. :grin


I too was very upset with Wraptastic sliding all over. I found a website with kits to fix the problem.

I was a little cautious because I didn't want to be out anymore money but I bought it anyway. My Wraptastic's work great now.

I highly recommend this fix. Here is the website.


Wraptastic Slip Fix


Forget about the sliding issue. It is a terrible product. Doesn't cut the wrap.


Received 2 Wraptastics yesterday (after 6 weeks. Before using the included wraps, plastic and foil, I tried the stock on had on hand.

Surprise! The tube for my plastic wrap is a much larger diameter than the size of the cam, meaning it can't be used. The tube for my foil is a much smaller diameter than the size of the cam, meaning it can't be used. Called Customer Service 800-898-3885, and was told to shop for product with the same size tube as provider in their product!

What? I've never opened a box of wrap to check the size of the tube. Their other option is returning the the Wraptastics for the $10.99 refund, but not the $13.98 shipping cost. Oh, I get to pay the return postage.

Hopefully I'll be smart enough to avoid future TV sucker adds. Anybody want 2 FREE Wraptastics?

Just send me $14 for shipping! :(


I have no idea if this is any good or not. All I know is they have terrible customer service.

I ordered this product at the beginning of January. The website says "allow 2-3 weeks." For one thing, most companies that say that get the product to customers CONSIDERABLY faster - they're just covering their bases and practicing "under-promise, over-deliver." For another, it has now been over six weeks, and despite numerous unanswered emails, I haven't received the product. I requested a week ago that the order be cancelled - no answer.

I just got an email saying it had shipped. I don't care how good a product is, if the customer service is so bad as to be non-existent, the product isn't worth it.


Notice in the commercial the foil or wrap is already out 1 inch. After you use one time you have to dig out the foil/wrap to start again.

Notice in the commercial the girl wrapping the 3 subs?

The camera pans away when she goes to pull the next piece of wrap out. Its worse than the foil/wrap in the original box!!


Total ripoff. Don't throw your money away.


Wraptastic is a piece of junk. Do not buy.

It moves when you pull out the foil or plastic so you end up by using it like you would a regular roll of foil.

Sold by dishonest people who still make a bundle of money even if you return this piece of junk.


Not happy with Wraptastic and I haven't even gotten the product yet. I was called to "confirm the order" only to be asked for my credit card again to avail myself of an opportunity to obtain $100 in gas cards ABSOLUTELY FREE, except they will charge $29.95 a month.

Of course you can cancel anytime, but they count on that. NOT at all happy.


Don't buy. It doesn't work well. Doesn't cut plastic wrap at all. It will cut foil but it just shreds the plastic wrap.


I saw commercial. Liked item .

But being leary of phoney charges decided to wait until it coame to local stores as seen on TV section.

You complaint make me glad I waited. This adverisement is a crock of *** !!!!!!!!!!!!

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