Rochester, New York
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I purchased four Riddex power plus units from a Email advertisement which claims that the units will cause rodents to flee from your home along with unwanted insects, this is a scam, it does absolutely nothing. For the two weeks I used the unit I caught no less then four mice in a mouse trap no further then four feet from a unit plugged into a electric outlet, I switch the units around with the hopes that it may have been a faulty unit, this did not work either I kept catching mice by traps.

Sitting on one of the units for at least two hours was a big black ugly spider that seemed to be enjoying the unit.

When you try to get a refund for this bogus product there is no address or phone number to reach except for a company called "Global TV Concepts Inc in Deerfield Beach Fla, I wrote a letter to The Attorney Generals office of Florida with my complaint and received nothing in return not even an acknowledgment that they received my complaint. So if any one is looking to buy one of those units don't, it's a rip off

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I bought three for different places.

Yes, a rip off and I have to pay to ship back.

Were is the 30 day guarantee?

When I told them I was to return it, I got seven days.

I sent it past the seven days and they said sorry you sent back after seller said to.


I bought 2 riddex like 15 years ago. I can't complain, no mice, no roaches.

When I moved out I removed the Riddex, and they asked me if I left any animals in the apartment, because of some noises. When my brother, and I inspect the place it was traces of mices ***. I take them wherever I move too.

I bought 2 more but there are different. I prefer the old model.


Ive got rats almost as bad as the ones in viet nam if they run out of food they will start snatching your ear lobs in your sleep like the ones in nam. is the red light on the piece of junk suppose to stay blinking


I bought two of the units about three years ago, and -- contrary to many of the opinions I've seen here -- they do work (at least on rodents). Roaches are an entirely different matter.

I was listening to mice rooting around in my walls until I plugged the units in. Now...nothing.

I wonder if the effectivness of the units might be proportional to the quality of the wiring present. We have a well-grounded electric system in a fairly new home.


I agree!! Those units DO NOT WORK!

I don't understand how they can continue to advertise these things on TV...Isn't there a law againt FALSE ADVERTISING?!! Disgusting.

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