Johnson City, Tennessee
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I recently placed an order for wraptastic online. The form was general and simple, however, just an hour later I began to receive phone calls ever hour until 9 PM.

After Googleing the number I was shocked to see the complaints about it.Folks had done the same as me and started getting harassing and constant phone calls on the pretense of "thanking" you for your purchase and then..BAM..they hit you up for another sale. EX-" we're going to send you a certain product free for 30 can cancel anytime and we won't charge you"...I'm sure most of you out there know the drill..

Folks, my advice would be to wait til the product your interested come into your local Walgreens or As Seen On TV store. the price will be the same either way as they charge you to ship the "FREE" product, but, save yourself the harassment of unending, unnecessary,unwanted phone calls

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