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I am not wasting my time with them and hope other people don't either! Have a good day!

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2018

Ordered on 6-6-2018, I contacted them 2 weeks later, they said the product I ordered was very popular and would send out the begining of the following week, 2 weeks later I email them asking where my package was, they refunded my money for the product, but not the shipping. I guess I paid for them to give me a refund.

I also was sent a tracking number for a package that was waiting to go to UPS, I am fine with getting a refund atleast give me the full amount I paid.

Cancel the UPS shipment cause we all know you are'nt sending anything! This was the worst experience I have had buying online!

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Having almost the same damn issue with them... Bought a branded item and paid a bit more for that brand and instead was sent something that I could have gotten a better version of on AliExpress or literally anywhere else... Two weeks later I'm STILL trying to deal with their (nonexistent) customer support before I mark this as fraudulent.


Same *** is happening to me right now!!! I ordered from as seen on tv universe almost two weeks ago and still haven’t received my package!

I sent them an email and never got a response other than a bunch of spam *** that had to come from them!!! They are scammers!

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I never talked to anyone, they emailed me a tracking number too, but I kept checking the tracking number so I could look for it, the package never left where ever the tracking number was made. So I kept emailing them every night, finally I think they got tired of me and refunded my money!

I didn't call any phone number, I just emailed them everyday- WHERE IS MY ORDER? That is how I some how got my money refunded, I hope you can get your money back, and wish you well.


I would like to know how you at least got ahold of someone to get that money back. I made s purchase Wednesday August first and have a tracking number from the USPS but they still haven't received the order to ship.

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They did that to me for a week too, they created a UPS number but it is pretty obvious they aren't sending anything. Its too bad that some people have to ruin it for others. Hope you have a good day!


How do I get as seen on t c universe to refund my money ? They are *** is there like a number because email doesn't work

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@Destiny B

I never found a good or working number that belongs to them, that they answer anyway. I bothered them everyday by email, and finally they refunded my money. Hope this helps, have a good day!

@Destiny B

800-726-9411 (M-F only)

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