Los Angeles, California

I have been using Riddex for 10 yrs in 3 different locations 2 different states. I swear by it, I initially got it for a mice situation which were no longer an issue after I received the product.

A yr ago I relocated to an apt in Los Angeles which I saw baby roaches. I had bought my new Riddex installed it, haven't seen a roach since. I see the bad reviews and honestly in shock as I swear by this product.

Could be a "case by case" scenario ....but this case is a GREAT one!!!!! I am a proud user of this product and it has done exactly what it claims it can do for you

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Roach Pest Control.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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It seems there are many fraudulent ones made, sold that lack the electronics of the original Riddex Plus unit.

They are supposed to be a UL approved and if this is not indicated on the unit itself and perhaps on the packaging re a UL UPC it is most probably FAKE.

I'm hoping either WalMart online or the As Seen on TV online for the Riddex Plus (not the Pulse!) have the real McCoy.

I got this information from a review on Amazon by a guy named James iirc:

Real riddex

The best way to check if your device is the authentic riddex device is to make sure you have 2 active leds ( red always on and green flashing periodically) also make sure you see a UL UPC label and writing underneath the device. All of the counterfeit devices I have seen do not have this UL seal.


The real Riddex does work. The fake one is basically an empty box with lights.

It is also dangerous to use since it is not UL Listing rated.

Here is how to detect fake Riddex units.

The one on the left is from Bed Bath and Beyond (weighs about 105 grams). This one works.

The one in the middle is from Walmart (weighs about 100 grams). Have not fully tested this but is probably a fake.

The one on the right is from Amazon vendors (weighs about 65 grams). Scam units.

The real unit has a green light (located on upper left & always on) and a red light (located on upper right & periodically flashing).

Picture 1 (Front of Unit): Bed Bath and Beyond = Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore. Walmart = The only concern is that it does not have the "Riddex" print on the front. Otherwise, the weight and printing are nearly the same. Amazon = They are mostly fake!

Notice the information is not printed on the unit but it is on a sticker. The unit weighs as much as a nickle (empty box) while the other two are distinctively weigh much more (like 4 quarters). Picture 2 (Back of Unit): Notice the one from Amazon does not have printings, such as UL Listings. Picture 3 (Front of Package): Notice the one from Amazon does not have RIDDEX on the upper left.

It also has a yellow rat instead of the black rat.

Picture 4 (Back of Package): Notice the one from Amazon does not have a UPC bar code. There is also no patent number from USA on the lower right.

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