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I ordered the Olde Brooklyn Lantern. I should

have checked online for complaints about this

company (As Seen On TV) before I did, but I

didn't. Had I done that, I'd have found all you

folks had been ripped off by them, and I wouldn't

have ordered from them at all.

But I did, and

now I'm here to let everyone know what happened.

After reading everyone else's complaints, I guess I should alert the bank a subsequent fraud could occur from this company.

1. I ordered the Olde Brooklyn Lantern on Dec

31, 2012. They did not charge my debit card at

that time.

2. I was in the grocery trying to buy a few

things, and told the amount was over my limit.

Knowing I'd just deposited money a few days ago,

I left and phoned my bank to see if a fraudulent

charge had occurred. The embarassment factor

kicks in here.

3. The teller says it was this item I'd ordered

and the amount was for $21.64. I knew I hadn't

ordered or bought anything for that amount. I

asked them to tell me who the billing company

was. They also gave me a phone number.

4. I arrived home and looked up my receipt. The

amount on my receipt was $21.05. I realize this

is only a few cents, but it's still against the

law. I asked her if I could refute the charge.

She said because it's a debit card, I could not.

5. I phoned the number the bank had given me. The

rep said his name was (An American sounding first name, the most common last name, here known further in this as (name), but I am sure

that's a pseudonym, since he had what sounded

like a very thick Pakistani accent.

6. (name), tells me their company never told

me that my order would be $21.05 and insisted the

correct charge was $21.64.

7. I told (name), I was looking at the receipt,

and I agreed to pay $21.05. There is nothing on

the receipt stating that amount would vary. I

asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me the

supervisor would say the same thing. I told him I

wanted to speak to an authority at this company

about this discrepancy. He asked what the problem

was. I told him it's against the law to change

the price of the order after the customer has

agreed to pay an amount.

8. (name), then said he would give me a $5 rebate

back to my card.

9. I phoned my bank again, telling them I no

longer trusted this company and I wanted to

refuse the charges. She said that they couldn't

do that, I would have to handle that with the

company. I asked her if she saw any $5 credit

back from this company, and she said she hadn't.

She also said sometimes this could take several

days however.

10. I phoned the company back several times.

(name), answered the phone two times, and

hung up on me both times. The third time he

answered, and asked if this was (my name) calling

about my order. I told him yes, this is (my

name). I asked if he would stop hanging up on me

so we could resolve this matter.

11. I told him I no longer trusted this company,

and I wanted to cancel my order. He told me the

product had already been sent to UPS. If I

wanted, I could refuse the delivery, and they

would refund the money back to my card.

12. I informed him that I asked my bank, and they

didn't see any credit back for $5 from their

company. He told me this would occur once I

received the product.

13. I told him I would be filing a complaint

with the United States Federal Trade Commission

about the way my order was handled.

14. I filed the complaint with the FTC

15. I searched in a metasearch, found this site

and all these other complaints. So, here's

another one.

Now, after reading everyone's complaints, I wont

be surprised if there are fraudulent subsequent

charges on my card,(bank nightmare) and/or the

item arrives damaged, or breaks within an

unreasonable amount of time. (I read all those

complaints about lack of refund for damaged or

shoddy products.

I strongly advise people do NOT order anything

from these crooks.

Too soon old, too late smart.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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To: jukes

Complaint: Jan. 30 2013

I ordered from Canada and was ripped off in 2015.

Although your problem cropped up in 2013, complain again but this time to the right people. Brian Allen is the ripoff artist who runs As Seen On TV out of Raleigh North Carolina.

Here are some places your complaint might have more effect. BBB of Eastern North Carolina Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce ABC 11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson Attorney General Roy Cooper North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Attorney General's Office Mail Service Center 9001 Raleigh, NC 27699-9001 Fax: (919) 716-6750 No good complaining to a website that no one reads.

Lets put this guy out of business.

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