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I purchased two bottles of Tag Away and received and extra bottle. I followed instructions and after the completion of the three bottles.......there was no results. Their advertising is false and the product does not work. They should be put out of business for False Advertising.

Their return policy is a full refund within 30 days, which in its self is misleading, it takes over 30 days to see if the product works as advertised. As mentioned, the product does not work and for them to continue to advertise and sell the product is extremely misleading.

Very poor product and again, should be taken off the market.

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I read all the reviews I could find 2 months ago and there wasn't any negative reviews to be found. Ordered 5 bottles of this *** and negative reviews ate everywhere.

I guess I was duped like the rest. Tagaway I believe put out all the positive reviews and now the truth comes out and it's too much for them to hide now!

#Â¥@%? Another scam company.

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