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I have been using Riddex for a few month I Thought the problem would end but instead it got WORSE.

I live on the top floor of my building and ever since i got the Riddex, I see an increasing number of rodents in my apt. The product doesn't work, it was a waste of money. Only thing i got out of it was a nightlight and a house full of Mouse and roaches. thanks for nothing Riddex. Your company is a scam! If there was a more effective way of letting consumers not to spend their money i would.

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Thank you Tee tee for the warning.I almost bought a Riddex unit, even though a friend told me that he had purchased two of them a couple of years ago, and they proved to be useless.

I thought that perhaps they had improved since then, apparently not.

What made me suspicious was the fact that I had to search for the consumer concerns about the Riddex item.

An expensive "nightlight" indeed...


Want to get rid of roaches?Go to Home Depot and buy the roach killer that is in something that looks like a larger 6 inch syringe.

I think Black Flag makes it but not sure. Only product in a syringe though.

My wifes mom is from Mexico and lived in a old house in DFW area. Every time she would visit we would get infested.

I finally found this stuff and tried it, nothing else had worked.

Roaches were gone in a week. Just do no apply it in corners ect. like the directions say.

It is difficult to remover.

Place it on a sticky note and stick it where you need it till the roaches are gone then throw the not away.Toss a few notes behind the fridge to keep them gone.

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