I had bought these things years ago when they first came out and they had a recall because they would get really hot and there was a fire hazard.I was not happy as my son was a baby at the time and I did not want to worry about a fire.

I never did get my refund back for the "6" I bought. So again, due to I did not want to use chemicals around my child and pet I decided to try the all new version. Yeah right! It was the exact same thing.

I certainly hope they fixed the problem with the fire hazard.

Good luck to anyone buying them.


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I don't understan why ads like these are allowed all over the world, specially if it's dangerous for pets and people. They are now advertising it in Spain and was about to buy it.

Thank you all for your articles!!


Was about to buy one immediately, but after doing some research on the internet I found out that this Riddex has bad affects to humans also and it DOES NOT WORK. SO I DID NOT WASTED MY MONEY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS THAT WILL THREATEN MY LIFE AS WELL AS OTHER PEOPLES LIVES. Becarefull when you buy something that sounds to good to be true, and it is

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