Bronx, New York
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My husband started to buy the wraptastic online. When he saw the total of the 2 and the SH he stopped and closed the web site.

He recieved and email thanking him for his purchase but didn't think it mattered because he never finished the order. And thought he would get another email saying it was cancelled.Well here we are 2 1/2 weeks later and we tried to use our credit card and it declined. I called to find out what happened they said they thought some suspicious activity was going on and they were right.It was only about $100 dollars, something was bought on facebook of all things.( AND WRAPTASTIC )We never use this credit card, it is 0 all the time. Except for small purchases once in a while, that is why the fraud dept was alerted to this.Well TODAY (2-14-13) we get a email saying your wraptastic was shipped out 2-13-13.

I called to tell them we never finished the internet buying process so why are we getting this email and they said "oh yes you did finish" how can you answer that?? Because my husband did not call the minute he closed the website page to make sure it was cancelled they billed us anyway. Even though he never compleated the web purchase. This is a messed up web site were they can bill you for something even when you never finished, then you come to learn your credit card is being used for other things.Without your knowledge!!

Somebody needs to fix this problem !! I am writing to my credit cards to my congressman and anybody else I can tell this to. I can not believe they can get away with this. They know the charges get reversed and nobody get hurt, But we all know the consumers always get it in the end with fees and taxes.

If anybody knows somebody else to tell this to write it here for me to see. Thank you,

Monetary Loss: $115.

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