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Generally, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. I don't blame people for wanting to try this, as it sounds more reasonable than most scams out there, but I would always come here or do some online research first before using something, especially something that taps into your wiring.

Now that I have read that RiddexPlus doesn't actually work, I'll stick to powdered boric acid. This is the chemical ingredient that pest control companies use, and works great! You can buy a large tub at many pet stores.

Will kill fleas, roaches, silverfish, and anything else that has a carapace, and is relatively harmless to people and pets.

Product or Service Mentioned: As Seen On Tv Pest Control.

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Ronald J

Boric acid mostly keeps bugs away by repelling them. Also anti fungal, as in resists mold in treated wood and paper in addition to repelling insects on most any porous indoor materials treated with it.

It doesn't have to be left in powder form to work as a coating or wood treatment. Most any health problems with it require constant contact and/or for it becoming airborne in high quantity, which is avoidable. Checking MSDS, (worked with it for years and it's in my attic cellulose) it's mostly a possible irritant when substantial (abnormal) amounts are inhaled, or with prolonged skin contact. It's not a poison unless heated over 400+ degrees.

It's corrosive to metals when mixed with water. (Helped destroy my heat pump via laced cellulose insulation leaking in it and getting wet) Commonly used as a flame retardant in cellulose insulation and sometimes used in drywall mostly for anti-fungal (mold) resistance benefits. As to roach control, never tried it for that, but sure they wouldn't like going through it. Only thing I've ever had that worked 100% was keeping Combat Roach Control cartridges out, changed every few months.

Unlike most poisons, safe, no mess, no worries about harming my pets. :)


my grand parents had a really good formula for getting rid of pest and did wonders on cockroaches as I found out one day that I moved to a new home. It used 1 cup of powder sugar,1 cup of corn meal and some boric acid but I don't know how much, all I know it came in a small medicine like bottle at the pharmacy a couple of ounces.


i have a serious problem with roaches in my apartment it seems that a few sprays i got didnt work and i have 5 children and i am scared to use powder will it harm any one of us????


i have a serious problem with roaches in my apartment it seems that a few sprays i got didnt work and i have 5 children and i am scared to use powder will it harm any one of us????


so if riddex no work, what works for cockroaches? bait?

spray? extermination men?


Has anyone had any problem of bugs leaving trails of Boric acid behind them? I am thinking of using Boric acid in my kitchen but I am concerned that bugs will walk through it and leave a trail of BA behind them. I ask b/c I am confined to an electric wheelchair and I dont want to be spreading BA all over my apartment.


You can also try moving to a different place. that seems to help


Boric acid does work. I got from my local 99 cents store.



So what exactly do you do with the boric acid?

We have a flea problem and would prefer not to use chemicals that end up in your lungs hand and feet. Everything else is chemical based and I would have to clean the house top to bottom to start and then again after. ugh!

So please inform me futher!!


is boric acid ok around cats being they lick their paws? Ive got to do something!!!

:cry Im terrified of bugs and HATE fleas.Thanks for any info. :(


I picked up some Boric Acid at Walgreens and has been on my kitchen counter for 2 or 3 weeks now. I have it along the back edge.

the roaches have disappeared. I want to clean it totally off, but it is not in anybodys way swo I have left it there.

Before I was reluctant to leave anything on the kitchen counter even for a minute. Now I am back to cooking everyday with no worry of cockroaches.


:sigh I use boric acid and it seems like that stuff just feeds the roaches. What can I do?


I sorry but if you read the bottle of boric acid is very harmful to humans so it is a real hazard aroud children


I wish I knew that boric acid word riddex did not work They sell similar products at walmart cheaper I got one alot my plug ends none seem to work mice still there :cry that exactly how I feel every time I move they move in mice do not pay rent if they pay rent I let stay but since they do not they got go. I got cats thought cats would kill mice both multiply out of control :sigh :upset :eek


Yes Riddex is scam! thanks for the advise probably will try


You can use Dupont Advion as well works wonders.


Boric Acid works great. You can get it (HotShots) from Homedeopt stores.

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