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I ordered Tag Away online. I never received an email confirmation (which is standard for all other online transactions I have done).

Last night I received a call from 866-379-2003. The caller said that he was confirming my address. I asked him to read me the address he had. It was correct.

He told me that the product was going to be shipped and he would be sending me something additional and that if I wanted to keep it I would be automatically billed $29. I told him to not send me anything other than the product and that I would pursue fraud charges if any future charges to my account show up. I then contacted my credit card company and canceled my card.

After doing some research on this phone number it looks like your company has a history of selling highly personal information (name, phone number, credit card numbers) and this could possibly be a fraud scam. There ought to be a LAW against this kind of irresponsible behavior by corporations.

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I was looking for a store that might carry tag away.

Thanks to all the comments, now I won't buy this JUNK!!!


I have heard that iodine works. It is much cheaper and readily available. Might want to tell your friends


Tag Away people called me --- get this --- 4pm on Christmas Eve to try and sell me additional stuff! CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!

He got 5 seconds into his sales pitch and then I cut him off. I told him that it was Christmas Eve and what's wrong with him, told him that I did not want any additional products, and then I hung up.


remember the guys that sold remedies out of the back of a wagon, town to town in the

old days? Well folks, welcome to the 21st century! This is no better than Snakeoil.

Waste your time and money if you want, or have a brain and see a dermatologist if it bothers you.


:grin Love your comment! You are absolutely correct.

I thank everyone for posting their experiences here. I was thinking about getting the product but after reading the reviews, there is NO way in "Hayl"

I think someone ought to sue them-


Thanks to everyone who shared their story, prevented me from making the same mistake.


Same thing happened to me!


Buy from a reputable company who's had a skin tag product I used and it worked. My smaller tags fell off in about a week and but my larger on too about 3 and a half weeks.

So worth it - I hate doctors and didn't want to go get them hacked off. Check out Naturasil.


My husband made me use my card to order this stuff and I got the same call needing to confirm my credit card number to "complete" the order. They pushed the hard sell on those other offers and by the time I got off the phone I was so creeped out about my card that I called and cancelled the card right away.

Now I'm in the awkward position where I'm applying for jobs so I have to answer the phone and don't know who's calling until I actually pick up the phone. Tag Away stinks horribly and my husband thinks his tags are disappearing but I don't see it.


I am so glad to finally get a real review. What a ripoff outfit, every review is written by them and from Yahoo couldn't reach a single honest complaint.

Glad Google is still allowing some "real" reviews. After reading these complaints, I will never order their junk.


I bought this and followed the usage directions to a T. It did not work, it was a total waste of my money, do not waste yours.

I am very disappointed in this product,especially after hearing how well it works. They are ALL LIES, it does not work at all.

It did nothing my tags are still there. Again, DO NOT waste your money.


I looked at Skin Tag, and found a list of ingredients. I am just going to investigate each item, then go to a GNC or vitamin store, and buy several products that I think may work.

Also, I have ordered stuff online, and started getting phone calls that demanded that I send $200 to the Dominican Republic right away, or my home would be raided.

What did I do? I, too, reported fraud on my bank account, and I cancelled my card!


M :cry


I still can't figure out why anyone falls for "as seen on tv" products. Most don't work and most eventually end up on store shelves in time.

Previous writer is correct in saying not to ever use your real telephone number. I never do, even on reputable sites. These as seen on tv people are out to make a buck - plain and simple. Save your money.

The only as seen on tv product I ever bought is the pasta boat, and that purchase was in a store. By the way, I'm very happy with it.

Remember this: when you hear the words "but wait" on a commercial, IGNORE COMMERCIAL! Wake up.


I fail to understand why people give out their real phone numbers when ordering stuff. The only reason a company you are ordering from needs your phone number is to do exactly what is shown above - call you and try to sell you other junk.

I have not used my real phone number for this type of stuff, in years. Lie people, lie. Also, create a 'special' email account and use that address for any of your online ordering.

Who cares if they sell your 'special' email address. It's for junk anyway, right?


I Tag Away online and BEFORE I even received it, I got slammed with telemarketing phone calls 3-4 times a day from them or one of their "partners". Once I got the product the odor was so offensive (high hemical smell) that no one could you put this stuff on and go out into the public.

Definitely had an extremely high "medicine" smell.

I sent it back 3 days later and got a full refund. Because of the smell and the long time it takes to work, I decided it wasn't worth it.


I was charged $29.+ and $39+ dollars after I followed the instructions to cancel provided in the confermation email. I have called 4 times for the billing dept and the don't answer. I got a recording once that said "the call volume was too heavy and they couldn't accept my call.


I would like to order the product but very scared to do so especially with other people saying takes longer to receive and they try to sell you other products which I "hate" to contend with.


The same thing happened to me, my order was followed the next day by a woman thanking me for my order and wanting to check my address because I was being "rewarded" with a gift card to Walmart or Target. She became very upset when I said no thank you.

I told her if I could not receive the product without these other promotions, I didn't want it. Three weeks later the product arrived.


Yes they do try to push more ' offers ' onto you, but they take about a month & a half to ship ur product, they haven't charged anything extra on my CC either, the product Does work, but it takes longer than it says..... But I am very satisfied with the results

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