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Update by user Jun 18, 2013

After filing a complaint with the BBB with this same exact information, they opened a case and contacted the parent company about the complaint. Less than 24 hours later, we got a full refund and they didn't even request the Furniture Fix product back.

And I was mistaken, it was $52, not $75 lost.

A word of advice....In this digital age, it's easier than ever to fight a business with poor practices. If you have a just complaint about a business you truly believe has wronged you, file a complaint with the BBB. No company can afford to have it's misdoings posted all over the internet or they will suffer what I heard yesterday on the radio as "Google-Death". Stand up for what's right.

And don't forget...if you get the resolution you are looking for, be sure to update your reviews and complaints. Doing what's right goes both ways.

Original review posted by user Jun 17, 2013

My wife purchased those slats that you put together and place under a saggy couch cushion,Furniture Fix. We gave them a shot despite not noticing any significant difference at first.

We decided that they weren't doing anything for us so we opted to return them. My wife called to find out the best way to do that and they told her that she couldn't because the window for returning an item expired. We looked at the packing invoice that came with them and nowhere does it state what their return policy is. It just gives directions on how to return.

When we told them that on the phone they told us that the policy is listed in their "Customer Support" page on their website. So I proceeded to email their customer service department to resolve the issue since It's my understanding that companies that sell a product are required to include their policies with the products they sell but I got nowhere. Even the grocery store includes a return policy on it's receipts. They're are sticking to their story that they only have to have it on their website.

I for one will not buy anything else from them. I believe in doing what's right by your customers, not cheating them out of hard earned money they spend on your products.

Integrity is important in business and I for one will not do business with a company that has none. Clearly they do it this way so that they get to keep more money they take from people who aren't satisfied with their inferior products.

Monetary Loss: $75.

  • as seen on tv scam
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