Burtonsville, Maryland

This is the second time this has happened to me. However, I did not realize that it was the same company until today.

I had seen something on tv i t hought i would like to buy. I entered my information and credit card number. When I got to the point where i review my order before submitting it, i changed my mind and got out of the ordering process. I did not hit submit and I did not get a confirmation of any sort (email or website).

It was approximately 1-1/2 weeks later and my credit card was charged. Next thing I know they have charged. When I called about the charge they said I had ordered it and that it was shipped on the 18th. Now how do they ship something earlier than they charge me for?

I explained to the guy what happend and he asked me why I didn't want it. I told them i had changed my mind. He was arguing with me that i had put in ALL my information and the order amount is the same as what I had been charge and wondered why i would not want it after all that. I explained that i changed my mind and he still argued.

I told him it didn't matter what I had done at that point or why I changed my mind - that they had no right charging my card if i did not "submit" it and there was no acknowledgement of me doing so. He also argued that i had done this on another order. However, I was too lazy to send that back and got stuck with the useless merchandice. So now I know they are the same company and will never order again!!!!!

Useless ***!

The guy finally gave me the information to return it and get a full refund. We'll see!


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