Worcester, Massachusetts
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Saw Wraptastic on TV (dispenser for cling wrap, aluminum foil, etc.). Even though I knew it would be overpriced with the ridiculous shipping, I thought it would be useful, so I went to the website and ordered it (total cost for 2 = 26$+ with shipping).

After completing the oefer I had to click through at least 6 more screens trying to sell me add-ons or other products. But I know that stuff is normal with ASOTV products.

But the next day I got a phone call - keep in mind I did not order by phone. The call was to "thank me" for ordering, and then I was told that out of the goodness of their hearts they would be sending me a 60$ gift card to Walmart! But the catch was that it would be for trying some shopping service or whatever (didn't pay much attention) which would "only" cost 29.95/month after the trial.

I immediately told them NOT to send the gift card or sign me up for the trial and would told they would not send anything unless I agreed to it. This just happened, so we'll see. I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Use you own judgement, but if I had known about that I'd never have ordered or even looked at the item.

By the way, this site won't accept the name of my town, Coventry, Ct, or any other town I've put in so far so I'm not very impressed with the site either.

Value of loss on this site will only accept a dollar amount, but as of now I really don't know. Could be anywhere from 0$ to who knows what

Monetary Loss: $26.

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